Where I Hang My Hat

A 13-year life based somewhere is harder to uproot than when I first arrived in London as a poor, possession-less student. The experience of trying to make a home (even if I haven’t done it in the most organised fashion) has left me thinking about the original Trobairitz and Troubadours of the Medieval period. 

Dawn of the ANZAC

Every ANZAC day I go to my local dawn service. Often that has been on a cold, misty, rainy morning at the ANZAC roundabout on Hyde Park Corner in London where London for a short time feels at peace and still. Today I am in Sydney so I went to Martin Place...

Stop and Smell the Roses

When did 45 minutes become a long time to concentrate on anything, whether we like it or not? Looking around today we expect everything to be immediate and the answer to be quick and attainable. We no longer stop to think, be still and ponder... stop and smell the roses?

The Imposter

A colleague of mine in a notable London Orchestra and one of the best in his field once said to me that he was still, after a successful and amazing 25-year career, “waiting to be found out”.

The ‘Authentic’ experience

Today we have the advantage of recordings and 200 odd years since Beethoven was composing; we can see what he was pushing towards. Now, when you get back to the bare bones as we do in these arrangements, you suddenly realize just how crazy some of this music is and we get a glimpse into what the musicians reading Beethoven 9 for the premiere might have felt or thought – it was chaos!